Bulls on Test

KB Farms consigns to the Michigan and Indiana Bull Test Programs as well as the Midland Bull Test. We will have the bull pedigrees, EPDs, and performance data from each test available here at the start of the test.

MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation Program

Visit http://www.mibulls.com/

Open House March 4, 2023

Sale Day: March 18, 2023

Sale Broadcast live on: DVAUCTION.COM

Indiana Beef Evaluation Program

Sale Reports Online: Visit https://ag.purdue.edu/ansc/ibep/

Sale Saturday, April 15, 2023

Sale Broadcast live on: CattleUSA


2023 KB Angus Bull Catalog

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Midland Bull Test Sale
April 7, 2023

KB Angus Midland

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LOT #150 KB-Fair-N-Square of B02 J69

DOB: 12/18/2021 Sired by: Myers Fair-N-Square M39 AAA# 20366108

A maternal brother to the Select Sires KB-Full Measure C40. A calving ease bull with exceptionally balanced EPDs with 18 traits in the top 20% of the breed. Claw and angle EPDs in the top 30%. His exceptional dam is now 9 years old and still a donor in our herd. He will add performance and maternal strength along with phenotype.

LOT #151 KB-Regiment of 6062 J72

DOB: 12/20/2021 Sired by: Wilks Regiment 9035 AAA# 20366123

A Regiment son offering double digit CED and tremendous growth, he covers all the bases throughout his EPDs. His dam stems from the Basin Lucy 3829 cow, a great proven cow family. 6062 has been a donor in our program; she brings along excellent feet and udder quality and also adds phenotype. He will make a great herd bull that has strong maternal and end-product merit.


LOT #152 KB-Fair-N-Square of D14 K11

DOB: 01/09/2022 Sired by: Myers Fair-N-Square M39 AAA# 20366117

An impressive herd sire prospect sired by Fair-N-Square. Posting top 1% WW, top 3% YW, top 10% claw top, 1% angle and all $ values in the top 35% of the breed. He will improve foot quality and add performance. He has what it takes to make a positive imprint in a cow herd.


LOT #153 KB-Mr Angus of G15 K14

DOB: 01/12/2022 Sired by: Grabers Mr Angus 9080 AAA# 20366141

A serious herd bull prospect with powerful growth and maternal traits. His dam is an exceptional daughter of KB-Full Measure C40. Longevity is built into this guy, his granddam was in the herd for 11 years and maintained great feet and udder. He has big time performance and balanced EPDs with all $ values in the top 35%. This Mr. Angus son has loads of potential.


LOT #154 KB-Iconic of C41 K17

DOB: 01/14/2022 Sired by: DB Iconic G95 AAA# 20366115

A high performance calving ease Iconic son. Check out the growth curve, elite carcass traits and $ values in this stud. This guy checks a lot of boxes. His 7 year old dam never misses, always producing a great calf. He has all the pieces to make a great herd bull.


LOT #155 KB-Home Town of C13 K18

DOB: 01/15/2022 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20366113

This one has always been a standout. He has had herd bull written all over him since he was a calf. He possesses outstanding growth, genetic traits, carcass traits and phenotype. He has an elite EPD profile WW, YW top 10%, HP top 15%, PAP top 2%, MB top 3% and all $ values in the top 25% with $B and $C in the top 1%. His granddam the A11 cow produced KB-Super Charge D19 selling for $31,000 at the Midland bull test to Hart Angus. He has a proven pedigree with all the qualities we look for.


LOT #156 KB-Fair-N-Square of G48 K24

DOB: 01/22/2022 Sired by: Myers Fair-N-Square M39 AAA# 20366151

A Fair-N-Square son that is an impressive herd sire prospect. Offering growth in the top 30%, HP top 20% along with excellent carcass and $ values. He brings added performance with balanced traits that will address all areas that drive profit.

LOT #157 KB-Surpass of H05 K26

DOB: 01/25/2022 Sired by: BJ Surpass AAA# 20366157

An outstanding genetic package with calving ease, performance, and maternal value. His dam stemming from the famous Forever Lady 5125 cow and his sire being one of the top maternal bulls in the breed brings a superior genetic profile that makes a perfect herd bull resume. This guy has all the traits that matter in the top of the breed.

LOT #216 KB-Home Town of G08 K42

DOB: 03/03/2022 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20366139

This guy is a calving ease Home Town son with an outstanding EPD profile. His dam is one of the best Full Measure daughters we have raised with beautiful phenotype, a great udder and good feet, and stems from the Summit Crest Queen cow family. He has it all: calving ease, excellent carcass traits and all $ values in the top 30% and top 15% for PAP.

LOT #217 KB-Alternative of E61 K46

DOB: 03/24/2022 Sired by: Baldridge Alternative E125 AAA# 20366131

A maternal brother to the top WDA bull in the Midland Bull test in 2022 (Lot 158). He has taken after his brother by being our top WDA bull on test and our 2nd high 365 day weight bull on test. He has an excellent EPD profile with PAP in the top 30%. His dam is proving what she can do! She is structurally correct with excellent udder and good feet. His granddam produced the top-selling bull at Midland in 2019. There is a lot of genetic potential with this guy!


Indiana Beef Evaluation Program
April 15, 2023

LOT #133 KB-Full Measure of B14 K07

DOB: 01/07/2022 Sired by: KB-Full Measure C40 AAA# 20366111

A Full Measure C40 son that brings calving ease, balanced EPDs, and a great pedigree. His dam is still a great cow at 9 years of age, longevity is built in. His maternal granddam, SYDGEN Miss 1004 was said to be the best SYDGEN Liberty daughter ever produced. His paternal granddam KB-Emma-TenX-B02 has been a phenomenal cow producing many great herd sires and females. He will be a great sire to improve your herd and retain heifers from.

LOT #134 KB-Iconic of G45 K39

DOB: 02/16/2022 Sired by: DB Iconic G95 AAA# 20366150

A heifer bull that has a big spread from birth to weaning. He is backed by a long line of exceptional females from the Abigail cow family. He offers growth, performance, carcass quality, and $ values in the top of the breed in a moderate package. He is a perfect choice to get calving ease, performance, and carcass merit in one package.

LOT #135 KB-Quantum of F25 K16

DOB: 01/14/2022 Sired by: G A R Quantum AAA# 20366132

An exciting calving ease Quantum son that has herd sire written all over him. Ranking near the top of the breed for a multitude of traits, including CED, BW, WW, YW, PAP, $W, $G. His dam has always been a standout as she had a successful show career as a heifer. Not only will he make awesome daughters but profitable feeder cattle.

LOT #136 KB-Home Town of 3605 K05

DOB: 01/07/2022 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20366112

Here is a balanced Home Town son that has the genetics to cover all the bases. His dam is the $9,000 daughter of the famous Boyd Abigale 0001 cow. The Abigale cow family has a proven record of having great feet, udders, phenotype, and correct structure. This guy has performance as well as calving ease while improving longevity and end product merit. Look for his offspring to come easy and grow fast.

LOT #137 KB-Quantum of 8111 K10

DOB: 01/09/2022 Sired by: G A R Quantum AAA# 20366136

An impressive herd sire candidate with chart-topping performance and pound maker EPDs. His dam is from the Blackcap cow family making an outstanding genetic package with excellent maternal traits. He posts $M in the top 4% of the breed. He will be the one to make great females. He brings breed leading growth blended with maternal traits that spell profit.

LOT #138 KB-Home Town of G35 J77

DOB: 12/25/2021 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20366145

This one is a calving ease performance bull. His dam is an exceptional daughter of KB-Full Measure C40 that exhibits great feet and udder. A full brother was a member of the world top pen of 3 at the Midland Bull Test in 2022 selling for $20,000. He has a unique combination of extreme calving ease, growth, carcass traits, and phenotype. This one is a sleep all night heifer bull prospect.

LOT #139 KB-Home Town of H26 K44

DOB: 03/20/2022 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20366158

He is a powerful breeding tool coming from a proven maternal line. His dam and granddam have the best udders that we have seen. He excels for fertility, marbling, and calving ease. From an EPD standpoint, he knocks it out of the park for HP, CEM, PAP, HS, MB and $ values. Expect him to be outstanding at moving your herd ahead in many traits that create profit.

LOT #140 KB-Rawhide of H045 K15

DOB: 01/14/2022 Sired by: Poss Rawhide AAA# 20366164

Don’t overlook this bull with his unique pedigree that indicates he will sire remarkable progeny. His granddam GVC Mile High D169 was a big time donor for Green Valley Cattle Co. His dam GVC Mile High H045 was our pick from the GVC dispersal. He has double-digit calving ease with explosive growth along with phenomenal marbling and end product merit. This Rawhide son will add performance and a superior genetic profile that make up a perfect herd bull.

LOT #141 KB-Summation of E22 K48

DOB: 03/31/2022 Sired by: KB-Summation of C41 H27 AAA# 20370162

This exceptional guy is sired by a former top indexing bull at the IBEP. We had to take him home sale day because of a leg injury. He recovered and we used him in our program. As you study his EPDs you will see he excels in all the important traits that make a great herd sire. If you want progeny that will perform, keep mature cow size in check, keep the fertility and productivity in your cows, this is a bull you need. A great opportunity to move your cow herd to the next level with this outstanding young sire.

MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation Program
Open House: March 4, 2023
Sale: March 18, 2023

LOT #25 KB-Mr Angus of B02 J46

DOB: 09/08/2021 Sired by: Grabers Mr Angus 9080 AAA# 20279537

A maternal brother to the Select Sires KB-Full Measure C40. He is a calving ease bull that blends phenotype with double-digit calving ease, growth, excellent maternal traits and foot quality in a moderate package. He will make a super complete herd sire with an incredible pedigree.

LOT #26 KB-Home Town of B02 J45

DOB: 09/06/2021 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20279531

A high performance Home Town son that is a maternal brother to the Select Sires KB-Full Measure C40. He offers double-digit calving ease, elite maternal traits, elite marbling, elite $ values, and a PAP score in the top 5% of the breed. This guy checks all the boxes.

LOT #27 KB-Home Town of 6D90 J52

DOB: 09/11/2021 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA#20279540

This super balanced Home Town son has loads of performance and big time genetic potential. He has calving ease, elite carcass traits, performance, and phenotype to offer. His dam has been a long time donor from the Henrietta Pride cow family anchored by the famous Henrietta Pride 643T cow. A big time game changer here.

LOT #30 KB-Regiment of 4547 J50

DOB: 09/09/2021 Sired by: Wilks Regiment 9035 AAA#20279536

A remarkable Wilks Regiment son. He is a maternal brother to the Genex Schiefelbein Endgame 99 and a flush brother to lot #28. Look at the growth curve from birth to weaning and yearling; this guy is loaded with performance. His dam is a 4th generation donor that has been making her mark in our herd. An opportunity to select a herd sire with extra growth, overall stoutness, and elite EPDs.

LOT #28 KB-Regiment of 4547 J56

DOB: 09/14/2021 Sired by: Wilks Regiment 9035 AAA#20279541

A powerful Wilks Regiment son. He is a maternal brother to the Genex Schiefelbein Endgame 99 and a flush brother to lot #30. He is truly a powerhouse. His dam is a 4th generation donor that possesses all the features that make a superior cow. He is a performance headliner with double-digit calving ease. This guy is a profit maker.

LOT #29 KB-Mr Angus of B02 J53

DOB: 09/11/2021 Sired by: Grabers Mr Angus 9080 AAA#20279543

A maternal brother to the Select Sires KB-Full Measure C40. A Mr. Angus son who balances calving ease with excellent growth, carcass traits, maternal traits, and performance. His dam B02 has been stamping them out over and over. She has been a big asset to our program. There is power in the blood here.

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