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KB Farms consigns to the Michigan and Indiana Bull Test Programs as well as the Midland Bull Test. We will have the bull pedigrees, EPDs, and performance data from each test available here at the start of the test.

MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation Program

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Open House: March 2, 2024

Sale Day: March 16, 2024

Sale Broadcast live on: DVAUCTION.COM

Indiana Beef Evaluation Program

Sale Reports Online: Visit https://ag.purdue.edu/ansc/ibep/

Sale: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sale Broadcast live on: CattleUSA


Midland Bull Test Sale
April 5, 2024

LOT #161 KB-Clarity of F20 L32

DOB: 2/9/23 Sired by: Connealy Clarity AAA+# 20647886

A high performance herd sire prospect with exceptional growth, carcass traits, feet scores and efficiency with – 2.71 RFI. His phenomenal donor dam stemming from the Boyd Abigail 0001 cow. The Abigail cow family brings great udders, feet and phenotype.

LOT #162 KB-Statesman of 1314 L36

DOB: 2/10/23 Sired by: Virginia Tech Statesman AAA# 20647001

One of the first Statesman sons to sell. A highlight big spread calving ease bull with serious WW, YW growth. A power packed pedigree from the Blackbird cow family, one of the breeds most influential contributors anchored by the Sandpoint Blackbird 8809.

LOT #163 KB-Surpass of G35 K70

DOB: 12/15/22 Sired by: BJ Surpass AAA# 20646993

This guy commands your attention. He has been a front runner for ADG, WDA along with efficiency throughout the test. His dam has a track record of producing top performing bulls. Here is a chance to acquire a dominating herd sire from a proven dam. This guy has breed impacting potential.

LOT #164 KB-Surpass of G14 K73

DOB: 12/17/22 Sired by: BJ Surpass AAA# 20646991

This bull has a pedigree stacked with eye appeal & correctness. Plenty of growth, exceptional maternal traits over 100$M. A foot improver with all the qualities we look for. His dam exhibits a great udder, feet & structure from the Butterfly cow family. A great sire to improve your herd.

LOT #165 KB-Huckleberry of 1061 L03

DOB: 01/02/23 Sired by: DVAR Huckleberry 871 AAA# 20647851

He is genetically outstanding with exceptional calving ease, excellent carcass traits and a powerful pedigree. His dam is from the well-known Blackbird cow family. He has what it takes to make a positive imprint on a cow herd. His pedigree explains his ability to perform with generations of the best.

LOT #166 KB-Clarity of 8207 L06

DOB: 01/05/23 Sired by: Connealy Clarity AAA+# 20647879

He has been a standout from birth, he is made as good as you will find. Offering tremendous growth with claw & angle in the top 10% and with $M top 2%. His dam Boyd/Myers Butterfly 8207 was our $18,000 selection from the Boyd sale. He checks all the boxes.

LOT #167 KB-Salvation of E41 L10

DOB: 01/09/23 Sired by: SG Salvation AAA+# 20648979

Extreme calving ease, growth and carcass traits, PAP top 20% with $C top 4% and a negative RFI. His granddam Sitz Pride 251Z being a full sister to Sitz Top Game. He is a complete herd sire prospect with a powerful pedigree. He has breed impacting potential.

LOT #168 KB-Salvation of G14 L12

DOB: 01/11/23 Sired by: SG Salvation AAA+# 20648962

An outstanding genetic and visual package. His dam of the Butterfly cow family always producing calves that have been. A maternal brother to Lot #164. He will produce top performing progeny with phenotype feet and udder quality. This is a bull you will want to retain heifers from.

LOT #169 KB-Home Town of G16 L13

DOB: 01/13/23 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20646995

Explosive growth with an impressive set of EPD’s WW, YW, HP, $B, $C in the top 3%. His granddam KB-Sheila-LL-A11 has produced many bull test front runners. Midland bull selling to Hart Angus for $31,000. Possesses the important traits to produce progeny with carcass merit, growth and end product merit.

LOT #170 KB-Clarity of 0419 L16

DOB: 01/14/23 Sired by: Connealy Clarity AAA+# 20647838

An exciting package. His dam Apple Rita 0419 has been a favorite donor. She is the complete package stemming from the GAR Bextor 558. He has a superb EPD profile and backed by one of the best pedigrees in the business. Makings of a great bull starts with the cow.

LOT #171 KB-Salvation of E41 L17

DOB: 01/17/23 Sired by: SG Salvation AAA+# 20648974

A great pedigree here, he is a full brother to lot #167. They come from the Pride cow family with his granddam being a full sister to Sitz Top Game, he has serious herd bull potential with a leading EPD profile expressing exceptional growth, carcass and maternal traits.

LOT #172 KB-Home Town of G25 K64

DOB: 12/10/22 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20646992

Study this guy he flat gets it done. Calving ease with an elite EPD profile. ADG, WDA, 365 and EFF. Ratios in the top of the group. Stemming from the dam of G.A.R. Prophet. This one deserves serious consideration.

LOT #173 KB-Home Town of F53 K80

DOB: 12/30/22 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20646989

Genetically outstanding with impressive calving ease, outstanding marbling and balanced EPD’s. His dam stemming from the dam of Weigh Up K360 brings along a powerful pedigree. He addresses all the areas that drive profit.

Indiana Beef Evaluation Program
April 13, 2024

Top Indexing Senior Bull

LOT #140 KB-Home Town of 6501 K69

DOB: 12/15/22 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA# 20646982


Lot 140

Lot 140

LOT #136 KB-Surpass of H52 L42

DOB: 3/5/23 Sired by: BJ Surpass AAA# 20646997


LOT #137 KB-Rawhide of H84 L14

DOB: 01/13/23 Sired by: Rawhide AAA# 20647864


LOT #138 KB-FAIR-N-SQUARE of G48 L46

DOB: 03/16/23 Sired by: Myers Fair N Square M39 AAA# 20647890


LOT #139 KB-Clarity of 8207 L23

DOB: 01/28/23 Sired by: Connealy Clarity AAA+# 20647880


MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation Program
Open House: March 2, 2024
Sale: March 16, 2024

LOT #23 KB-Home Town of B02 L07

DOB: 01/8/23 Sired by: G A R Home Town AAA+# 20646979

LOT #25 KB-Rival of D04 L26

DOB: 02/1/23 Sired by: E&B Rival 175 AAA# 20646981

LOT #26 KB-Surpass of 8111 L01

DOB: 01/01/23 Sired by: BJ Surpass AAA# 20646990

LOT #27 KB-Rawhide of H68 K62

DOB: 12/02/22 Sired by: Poss Rawhide AAA# 20516262

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