Bulls on Test

KB Farms consigns to the Michigan and Indiana Bull Test Programs as well as the Midland Bull Test. We will have the bull pedigrees, EPD’s, and performance data from each test available here at the start of the test.

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Striving for Genetic Excellence with Enhanced EPDs.

Call Kevin Beckington at (734) 368-8430 or kevin@kbangus.com for more information.

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What are the advantages of genomic-enhanced EPDs?

  • Much higher accuracy EPDs for unproven cattle
  • Provide reliable EPDs for traits that are difficult and/or expensive to measure
  • Faster generation turnover with fewer mistakes
  • Simple, easy to interpret results with an “all-in-one” value

What is the value of EPD accuracy?

  • Faster rate of genetic progress
  • Feed and labor cost savings in seedstock development
  • Value of time: Specifically in relation to earlier selection and more information for marketing and customer relations
  • Opportunity cost of making the wrong decision

Which beef segments can benefit from GE-EPDs?

  • Purebred seedstock producers
  • Commercial cow/calf operations, especially those that retain ownership and/or raise their own replacement females
  • Feedlot and stocker/yearlying producers
  • Alliances/branding beef programs

$W and $B Indexes

Utilize the $W index if you are a producer focused on performance and pre-weaning gain.  Therefore, if you market your calves at weaning time or shortly thereafter, $W is a trait we suggest you focus on, as it takes into consideration Birth Weight, Maternal Milk, and Mature Cow Size, and directly impacts pounds at weaning time (WW).

For Producers focused on post-weaning growth and carcass value, this index should fit into your program.  If you are a producer who retains ownership of calves through the feedlot, this index takes into consideration growth and performance following weaning, as well as incorporating carcass merit.

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