Bulls for Sale Private Treaty

KB-Bronc of 4044 F27 – SOLD
KB-Bronc of 076 F36 – SOLD
KB-Index of 3048 E59 – SOLD
KB-Recharge of 402 F59 – SOLD
KB-Black Granite of 4156 F24 – SOLD
KB-Rampage of A17 F22 – SOLD
KB-Rampage of 32 F07 – SOLD
KB-Fortress of E73 F17 – SOLD
KB-Colonel of A03 F43 – SOLD
KB-Rampage of 907 E67 – SOLD
KB-Bronc of D29 F19 -SOLD
KB-Weigh Up of 4044 F29
KB-Bronc of 4044 F30 – SOLD
KB-Playbook of D04 F37 – SOLD
KB-Cowboy Up of C34 F55 – SOLD

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