Central KY Angus Association 50th Annual Spring Sale

Lot#11 – KB-Upshot-B03 (AAA 17833756)
Dale Vaughn, Winchester, KY (Bull $4300)

Lot#27 – KB-Limelight-A33 (AAA 17576315)
Addison White, Lexington, KY (Bull $4000)

Lot#43 – KB-Sheila-LL-B06 (AAA 17833759)
Randy Ensley, Stanford, KY (Top Open Heifer $3700)

Lot#44 – KB-Angel-B09 (AAA 17833762)
Jerry Graves, Tompkinsville, KY (Open Heifer $2300)

Lot#62 –AHA-Rita-1645 (AAA 16889942)
John Davis, Stanford, KY (Open Cow $1900)

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