51st Annual Winter Sale January 24, 2015 in Central Kentucky

Lot#13 – KB-Rita-Ten X-A46 (AAA 17833752 View Pedigree)
Charlie Workman, Liberty, KY ($3500)

Lot#14 – KB-Elsa Erica -Antic-A47 (AAA 17833753)
Ken Goodwin, Greensburg, KY (High Selling Open Heifer $4000)

Lot#15 – KB-Lucy-SG-B01(AAA 17833754)
Mark Benaske, Rosebush, MI ($3400)

Lot#16 – KB-Forever-B19 (AAA +17833771)
Mark Wells, Georgetown, KY ($3300)

Lot#36 – KB-Angel-Obj-1216 (AAA 17257061)
Mark Wells, Georgetown, KY ($4600)

Lot#37 – KB-Sheila-Obj-1208 (AAA 17257054)
Mark Wells, Georgetown, KY (High Selling Bred Cow $5100)


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