Michigan Angus Fall Sale

Saturday October 28, 1:00pm
United Producers • St. Louis, Michigan

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Lot 11 – KB-DAWN-TX-A19

Birth Date: 02/13/2013 View EPD’s

She is impressive and powerful. A Ten X Daughter with plenty of volume along with excellent udder & feet. She ranks: Top 3% $W, Top 4% YW, Top 5% WW, $F Top 10% DOC, Fat, $B. EPDS enhanced by PF 50. Sells Bred To KCF Bennett Fortress. Due 01/17/18.

LOT 42 – Rita 2W21 of 9I23 9M25

Birth Date: 11/25/2011 View EPD’s • DDC

A productive money making 9M25 daughter purchased from Wehrmann Angus that has served as a donor. She has produced over $40,000 in progeny for KB Angus. The Top Indexing Bull in the 2016 Michigan Bull Evaluation selling for $5,750. The third high ADG bull in group 1 at the Midland Bull Test selling for $11,000 and another selling for $6,500 at Midland. She also produced the top selling open heifer at the Central Kentucky Winter sale, selling for $6,700. Along with others that we sold private treaty she has produced 12 calves for us. She has a weaning ratio of 112. Ranks: Top 1% for YW, $F, Top 2% WW, CW, Top 10% $W. EPDS enhanced by PF 50. She sells with a bull calf at side by WR Journey.

Lot 84 – KB-Rita E36

Birth Date: 02/16/2017 View EPD’s • DDC

A nice heifer sired by the popular RB Tour of Duty. Her dam stems from the famous Rita family she was purchased from the Wehrmann dispersal sale. This heifer is balanced across all of her EPDS and she has a pedigree full of proven cow family that will bring value to any herd.

Lot 18 – SydGen Miss 1004

Birth Date: 12/27/2010 View EPD’s

A soggy slick haired cow from the prolific Fink Northern Miss family, she was said to be the best Liberty heifer ever produced at Sydenstricker genetics. She was the 5th highest 205 day weight in her contemporary group of 95 heifers. Sells bred A.I to KB-Full Measure C40 (AAA #18423726)– The top EPD profile Weigh Up son in the Angus breed at this time. Due to calve 05/12/18.

LOT 83 – KB-Roxy E29

Birth Date: 02/06/2017 View EPD’s

A fancy heifer sired by Deer Valley All In a proven calving-ease high performance sire. She ranks in the top 20% or better for 16 of the measurable traits. Her dam possesses a pedigree filled with breed leading genetics.

LOT 78 – KB-Eisa-Erica of Rampage D23

Birth Date: 02/09/2016 View EPD’s

Here is a bred heifer with a pedigree combining Ten X and Rampage, two of the best performance sires in the breed. Her genomic enhanced EPD profile shows exceptional calving ease & low birth weight along with a weaning and yearling weight in the top 10% of the breed. She also ranks in the top 15% for 10 of the measurable traits. EPDS enhanced by i50K. She sells bred to Gar Prophet, due 03/03/18.

Lot 79 – KB-Predestined-Absolute D37

Birth Date: 03/11/2016 View EPD’s

An opportunity to acquire an extreme calving ease daughter of Gar Objective 609, a Predestine daughter that was a donor cow at Gardiner Angus. 609 has Produced 17 males and 16 females so far and will be flushed again this fall. 609 also has exceptional feet and udder. EPDS enhanced by i50K. Sells bred to KCF Bennett Fortress, due 01/24/18.

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