2015 Michigan Angus Fall Sale

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Sold $4100


A tremendously big bodied heifer sired by GAR Anticipation, a calving ease sire with outstanding carcass merit. Her dam Summitcrest Barbara X017 is a top daughter of Summitcrest Complete, she stems back to the Pathfinder sires Highmark and High Prime.

  • EPDS enhanced by HD50K
  • She ranks in top 1% for CED, BW, CEM
  • She ranks in top 5% for MARB, RE, DMI
  • She ranks in top 10% for $W

Sells bred AI to V.A.R. Discovery 2240 the high selling bull of the 2013 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale. Examined safe AI, due 12/20/15

Sold $3000


A stylish heifer that has exceptional EPDS. Sired by PA Safeguard 021 a breed leader for docility. She is ranked #2 for $B of all non-parent cows by Safeguard in the breed. Her dam Rita 2W21 of 9I23 9M25, from the famous Rita family, was purchased from the Weherman Dispersal Sale and has been a donor in our program.

  • EPDS enhanced by HD50K
  • She ranks in top 1% for $B, CW
  • She ranks in top 2% for $F
  • She ranks in top 5% for YW, RADG, DOC, RE
  • She ranks in top 10% for $W, DOC
  • She ranks in top15% for WW

Top Open Heifer $3200

KB-Emma-of 2002B-B27

A fancy heifer sired by the $340,00 one third interest EXAR Denver 2002B. She has a pedigree full of genetics that will make phenomenal progeny. Her dam in SAV Bismark daughter and goes back to LLC New Standard, which is known for excellent teat and udder quality along with calving ease and yearling growth.

  • She ranks in top 1% for CED, CEM
  • She ranks in top 3% for $W, MILK
  • She ranks in top 10% for BW
  • She ranks in top 15% for YW, RADG, $F
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