Great Lakes Region Angus Female Sale

1PM Saturday

October 26, 2019
Shipshewana Livestock Auction

KB ANGUS Open Heifers Consigned

KB ANGUS Bred Heifers Consigned

KB-Rita of 4411 E58

Bred to Werner Flat Top 4136; Due 3/18/20

KB-Abigale of 3605 F18

Bred to KB-Full Measure C40; Due 12/18/19

KB-Forever Lady of 4156 F11

Bred to KB-Full Measure C40; Due 1/24/20 (Confirmed Heifer Calf)

KB-Lucy of 6030 F10

Bred to LD Capitalist 316; Due 12/18/19

KB-New Design of 11 F08

Bred to LD Capitalist 316; Due 1/10/20

KB-Miss of B14 F42

Bred to Tex Playbook 5437; Due 1/24/20

KB ANGUS Bred Cows Consigned

KB-Dixie-Ten X-B18

Bred to Deer Valley Growth Fund Due; 1/15/20


Bred to Tehama Tahoe B767; Due 1/15/20 (Confirmed Heifer Calf)

Heritage Isabel 32

Bred to EWA Peyton 642; Due 2/26/20

KB Erica Dianna of Disc D43

Bred to KCF Bennett Summation; Due 3/25/20

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